DPP Software

The F.R.E.E. Inc. Duplicate Payment ProgramTM is a very effective tool used in an accounts payable audit to help find overpayments that your own internal controls might not have been able to detect. The program is designed to use your vendor payment history provided to F.R.E.E. Inc. on magnetic media to perform numerous comparisons of several fields of data and then output reports showing relationships of the data so that duplicate and other overpayments may be detected.

Our auditors then research your accounts payable files using the program output to determine the legitimacy of each possible overpayment.

The Duplicate Payment ProgramTM is a highly productive methodology in the discovery of duplicate payments and payments to the wrong vendor. Additionally, it effectively reveals duplicate payments where payment of invoices for multiple divisions are made and there is no cross-matching for duplicate payments among those divisions.

Because we work with many different accounting programs and systems, our program has been written to be very flexible. However, certain requirements must be met in order for processing to occur.

Regardless of media, records within the data must be fixed length with fixed length fields. At a minimum, each record must contain vendor ID, invoice number, invoice amount, invoice date, vendor name, and addresses.

Because the file is created by your data processing department based on your own unique accounting data and system, a media and layout information form will need to be completed describing all the information used in the configuration of the data. A F.R.E.E. Inc. representative will be happy to meet with your Information Technology Manager to discuss the parameters of the program.