How to get your WOTC Tax Credit

If we don’t generate tax credits for you, our service is free.

  • The Government allows credits of 40% for qualified first-year wages up to $6,000.
  • That’s up to $2,400 in credits per certified employee.
  • This year, F.R.E.E. Inc. identified 21% of new hires as WOTC-qualified.
  • Our average tax credit was $1,100 per qualified employee.
  • If you hire 100 new employees, and 21% qualify at our average rate – you’d save $23,100 in taxes with F.R.E.E. Inc.

How Do You Claim Your Tax Credit ?

  • The Problem
    In order to get the credits you’re due, you must first properly identify the eligible employees, then promptly file the appropriate paperwork.
  • The Solution
    F.R.E.E. Inc. specializes in identifying WOTC-eligible employees and obtaining tax credits at a rate that is often 40-60% greater than others pursuing the credit.

We Know How to Do It, and We Get the Job Done!